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General Interest:

Don McLean Online


The official and most extensive website about the songwriter, established in 1995 by Alan Howard.

Don McLean - The Belfast Website
Don McLean - The Archive Website


Both sites are produced by Martin Maguire, and present an eclectic collection of rarely seen photos and other memorabilia from McLean's career.

Words & Music by Don McLean

A work in progress, containing many of the lyrics, chords and tablatures from McLean's catalog. Created by Phil Carlisle.

The Taffeta Booth

Sarahjane Bell's affectionate, irreverent tribute to Don McLean. Some amusing stuff here.

The Don McLean Mini-Page

Contains a discography & classifieds section.


Chat Rooms & Message Boards:

Don McLean's Official Site Forum
 A Message Board for Fans of Don McLean
 A Guitar Forum for Fans of Don McLean
 Karman's "Fan Fun" Club


American Pie Interpretations:

Bob Dearborn's Original Analysis missamericanpie
Mark Jordan's Interpretation Quotations From Chairman Jim
The Straight Dope Joseph Bartlo's Interpretation
FAQ: The Annotated American Pie Brendan's American Pie Archive