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Photo Credits

Cover from American Pie
album, photo & design
by George S. Whiteman.
Back cover from American Pie,
by George S. Whiteman.
From inner sleeve of
American Pie
© 1971 William Boyd Enterprises.
Don McLean, from
Favorites and Rarities album,
Michael Ochs Archive.
Cropped photo from
cover of Don McLean album,
© John Olson, Life Magazine,
© 1972 Time Inc.
James Dean, © 1999-2001
Roy Schatt/James Dean, Inc.
c/o CMG Worldwide
Stabbing at Altamont
AP/Wide World Photos
© 1999 Brittanica.com.
Janis Joplin
©2002 Robert Altman,
used by permission.
Jagger Onstage at Altamont
© 1969-2001
by Ethan A. Russell.



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